When it comes to buying or leasing, the decision should be made carefully based on your individual situation and financial needs. We can help you through your choice at Envision Honda of Milpitas! Just let us know that you are looking to take home a Honda, and our team can give you more details.


We’ll start by examining the path of buying. Once you choose a new or pre-owned model to purchase, there are two paths to choose between. Either you may pay the entire sticker price outright upon signing, or you can decide to finance over the course of four to seven years. The latter is encouraged if you don’t want to deplete a large portion of cash, as it breaks up the sticker price into much more manageable monthly installments after an initial down payment. Ownership can be very rewarding as it has no mileage limit and lets you keep your vehicle payment free after your contract wraps up. You also have the options to trade it in, sell it, or pass it on to a loved one.


If you don’t like long-term commitments and prefer flexibility, then leasing might be a more appropriate choice for you! This route lets you borrow the brand-new Honda of your choice from our dealership for an average of two to four years. You will have to accommodate a set mileage limit during this time, but you can also enjoy low monthly installments solely based on depreciation that will lessen the strain on your wallet. Plus, leases come with manufacturer warranties on service that keep you from shelling out extra cash for basic maintenance. Keep in mind that you won’t get to keep your Honda upon the close of your agreement unless you choose to purchase it for its residual value. Other contract-end avenues include upgrading to a newer Honda, renewing, or simply walking away.

Online Tools

There are several virtual features that can help you through whichever process you decide to pursue. First and foremost, look through our entire stock online by clicking on either the New Inventory or Pre-Owned Inventory tabs! You can see the profiles of each and every vehicle on our lot, complete with clear pictures and detailed specs. If you decide to take the route of financing, the Payment Calculator will help you configure a tentative payment plan. The Get Pre-Approved function and Credit Application are also online so you can complete several steps from home. Finally, if you have questions about buying or leasing, make sure to fill out the Contact Us form.

The choice to buy vs lease near Fremont, CA, is an important one, so let us know once you’ve decided which is right for you! We look forward to adding you to our community of valued clients at Envision Honda of Milpitas.

Buy vs Lease near Fremont, CA Use Our Online Tools!


  • 4-7 year contract
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Achieves ownership


  • 2-4 year contract
  • Set mileage limit
  • Low monthly payments

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